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Hallowine 2017

May 2017

Two Years in Europe –
Much has happened in the last 24 months. A whirlwind Euro/London (Marrakech) tour has flown passed faster than an Easyjet flight late for its landing window.

Having checked off items like Parisian Pastries in Paris and Chamonix, and quick drive over to Aosta in Italy for Pizza and Aperol spritz.

Chip Shop Haggis in Edinburgh, Absinthe in Prague, Berlin Sausages…….. It’s impossible to pick a favourite… but it doesn’t really matter coz this ain’t another bloody travel/food blog. It’s about da music innit?

So… One thing I can say about London. It had and Amazing music scene, cultural scene and all that. I’ve done some great gigs all over London and had some amazing studio jams with very talented artists of many backgrounds. Truly eye opening.

As far as my own music is concerned. For the past 20 months I have focused much more on the production side of things and really spent time learning music and audio production theory which has helped immensely in the songwriting process. All of these lessons, and trials and tribulations I will be sharing with you for the one hefty fee of clicking on some links.